The importance of media literacy

To be media literate is to have the ability to identify and separate different types of media and the message they are sending. This indicates that you are able to make sense of the news you are provided with. Being media literate is more important now than ever. From a young age we receive impulses from everywhere and anywhere. Movies, advertising, social media and more. Therefore we have to learn what is trustworthy and also how we can know that it is.

Becoming more media literate can be somewhat of a difficult task. However some key points of what you can do is to think more critically, try to see more than one point of view of an issue and to comprehend what the author’s goal is. We have to be critical of our sources, and a good way to do that is to compare different sources to each other. This way you are also able to read about different points of views. In conclusion I would like to say that overall we just have to be critical and not expect that everything we read online is the truth.

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