In this text I am going to answer question 6 and 9 from the film study worksheet we were handed out ahead of watching the movie «Spotlight». A movie based on a true story.

Spotlight” and Its Revelations | The New Yorker
The cast of the movie.

6. In the story told by the film, what is the main conflict and how is it resolved? In the movie we meet a group of journalists. A case about assaults by priests comes up and they start doing some investigating on it. The film follows them through a whole year and towards finally publishing the article about hundreds of priests who extremely misused their position and power. The journalists face many obstacles on their way to publish the news. Such as 9/11, that of course took their attention away from the case for quite a long time. Them doing investigative journalism is the main conflict of the movie, and we can say that it got resolved when everything came forward at last.

9. Describe a lesson from this film that viewers can apply to their own lives: (1) in deciding what position to take on an issue of public concern or (2) in their relations with family and friends. Detail the events that relate to this lesson. There are several events in this film we can learn from. One of them is when one of the journalists go over to an old priests house to ask him questions about the case. The priest is very honest, and is probably not «completely there». And then we can ask our selves what we believe is to cross a line. Is it ethically right to examine an old man who cannot completely control what he says and what he does not say?

From this film I learnt that we need to liste to what people have to say to you. By reason of several people who had tried to come forward about their assaults, but ended up with the feeling that no one really cared, since they were only declined.

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