Gran Torino

«Gran Torino» is a movie released in 2008, both starred and directed by award winning Clint Eastwood. We meet an elderly man, named Walt Kowalski. He had never felt that strong connection with his two sons. And that relationship worsened when his wife passed, and suddenly everyone just wanted favours from him. Several of his relatives were quite openly interested in his 1972 Gran Torino, and for instance asked him what he was going to do with it when he was going to die.

Walt had a house in a multicultural neighborhood, with people of most ethnicities. It seemed like he had lived there for a big part of his life. Until there was a fight by some of the people in his neighborhood on his own lawn, he had never really had any sort of relationship with his Hmong neighbors. But when he first started getting to know them, he understood that he had more in common with them than he first would believe. Even more in common than with his own family. This is a multicultural movie because it includes people of more than one ethnicity and religion. We get to learn about traditions of people we have possibly never even heard of.

Multiculturalism can have innumerable different negative outcomes. In this movie we saw how it resulted in this gang culture with a lot of dramatic violence and hate towards others. The people in the movie only really hung out with people of the same ethnicity as them selves. They were also expected to do certain things when they grew up. Walt becoming friends with his neighbors was a way of breaking up some of these stereo types. Multiculturalism can also often result in racist behavior, because to many, being afraid of the unknown is kind of a natural instinct. I believe that for a multicultural state to face these challenges can be quite a difficult task. Everyone would have to go in them selves and change their mindset. But a good start could be to let people who usually are not expected to be together work in the same work place and also go to school together. If the mixing of people of different cultures is going to work, they would probably have to start when the kids are still young.

Although there are negative sides with multiculturalism, we cannot forget all of the positive sides. For instance we saw how much of a character development there was with Walt from when he first got to know his neighbors to the end of the film. He did not only learn about another culture, but he also learned a lot about him self as a human being. I believe that a multicultural state could strengthen these benefits in the same way they would have to face the challenges. The best way is to make people talk to, and understand each other.

I want to conclude with this being a very informative film who most could learn quite a bit from. I really like the way they chose to angle the film, and to me it was very well produced. My impression of the movie before I watched the movie was different than how it turned out to be. I would love to recommend it to others.

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